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Popcorn Chicken

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Everyone who has ever cooked a meal would agree with me that there’s nothing more fulfilling than hearing your name closely followed by praise and compliments about how delicious the meal is!  With comments such as ‘mummy, you should enter a chef’s contest and make this popcorn chicken, you will win” and if you were selling this, I would use all my money to buy it” and Jen, you can put a global chicken restaurant out of business with this and one son ready to ‘pinch’ as much as he could get away with, and mummy you are such a great cook…. The list goes on and on.  To say my head was swelling and feeling physically heavy would be an understatement.  Confession:  let’s just say I have made this dish on more than two occasions this week.  Let’s face it, we all like to feel great about what you are doing and receive such positive responses from our nearest and dearest.

Let me tell you more about the lessons I have taken from this experience.  Until a week ago, I had never made popcorn chicken – it’s not the kind of ‘dish’ my mother taught me to prepare and I have learnt some  fantastic chicken recipes from her but no, never this one and the thought had never crossed my mind.

In my quest to rarely say I don’t know how to do something or cannot do it simply because I have never done it before, when one of my sons requested I make them popcorn chicken, I said yes before really thinking about it.  I figured it can’t be that complicated, and I was right.  What was more fascinating was that, I already had all the ingredients I needed, namely, chicken breast (or boneless chicken), milk, flour based coating, and oil – that is it!  As you can imagine, the recipe is pretty simple too:  clean the chicken and cut into bite-sized pieces, cover in some fresh milk and toss in the coating before frying until golden brown. Then serve to hungry fans and get heaped with praises.

This beautiful experience has reminded me of 2 things.  Firstly we have everything we need to achieve anything we want if only we would dig deep and follow our heart, passion, dream, intuition, spirit ……  The second thing is that when you are willing to try something you have never done before with an open mind and enthusiasm, you may be very pleasantly surprised at how well you do.  The response from the family is just a priceless bonus in all of this and of course, I now have a new skill under my belt.  What more can I want?



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